I’m cheating a little calling this my first finished object of the year as this was started just before the wedding in November. But it’s January and it’s only just finished, so shoot me!

Enough quibbling…here it is:

Oh, green and gorgeous sweater, how do I love thee, let me count the ways.

It’s chilly here in Northland this week.  Today less so than yesterday when I shivered my way round an over priced antiques emporium, but still not overly warm.  To clarify, it was the antiques that were overpriced, not the emporium itself.  I’m not entirely sure it was for sale.  I am entirely sure that by the time I’d reached the lovely tea service that Mr S offered to buy but which I declined (eBay…Crown Devon Stockholm…need I say more?) I was shivering like a monkey on an ice floe. (BTW I was pipped at the post for a tea pot today by 1p.  1p!!!!!!!  I could spit!)

Anyway…I digress.  You’ll recall that the sweater is knit in Artesano Aran from Brownberry Yarns, and the pattern is Ingenue from Custom Knits.

Today was grey but in the positive temperature range and we went to the park to try Button’s hand at riding the birthday bike in the real world.  The sweater was a roaring success (I was toasty warm), the cycle lesson less so:Don’t be fooled.

She pulls a great pose, but peddles with less enthusiasm.

I think her thought process went along the lines of  “don’t you know who I am…I’m pretty….and cute….look at these pads…I had Vogue on the phone….I don’t peddle…push me please!”

Sigh!!!!  We’ll try again another day.