Lethargy is rife Chez Stitches.  It’s decidedly annoying.

As someone who has spent the past 10 years either fending off crises, working ridiculous hours, or undertaking projects with specific, and, more often than not, very tight, deadlines, having a free schedule is messing with my head! I always work better to a deadline and not having one is a most peculiar feeling.

I’m running with this at the moment as I know that I’ll get the hang of this new rhythm of life soon enough, and find the enthusiasm to get to the things that I do want to do, but don’t have to do!

Things are moving forward, depite my butt being welded to the sofa.  I’m hoping that just the action of doing will spark my creativity and, quite frankly, put a bit of a rocket up me!

Ingenue is off the needles and just needs the neckline stitching in place and the yarn ends weaving in.  It’s been waiting 3 days already!

Multnomah is coming along very nicely thank you very much.  I’m up to the feather and fan section.

We’ll ignore the siren song of the pinafore sprawled on the worktable not being sewn, shall we.

So as there is nothing particularly blog worthy happening with the needles, I thought I’d talk to you about my friends.  They’ve all been mentioned here at one point or another, and, you’ve probably gleaned that they are a pretty awesome bunch.  Funny, kind, generous, intelligent, talented, strong women, all of them.

But, dear reader, it may shock and dismay you to learn that there has been a concerted effort on the part of more than one of them to make me cry over the past few months.

Is that a collective gasp of disbelief I hear?

I kid ye not.

It all started with the wedding.  More specifically the wedding gifts.  They were all amazing and extraordinarily generous.  All sorts of lovely things.

Then, upon our return from honeymoon I opened 2 boxes which hid, nestled in voluminous nests of bubble wrap, one of these:

And 6 of these:

Honestly!  What are they like?

And what’s a girl to do?

Why, cry, of course!

But that’s not the end of it.

Oh no.  There’s more…if you can believe it!

My Christmas present from Himmelbjerget is this beauty:

I mean, what kind of person gives their friend a vintage treadle sewing machine for Christmas.

And not any old vintage sewing machine, but a Jones! If you’re wondering about the significance of that…my married surname is Jones!

With a little TLC we reckon we’ll have her up and sewing again.

I’ll let you imagine the histrionics that ensued when I uncovered her.

Aren’t they just a big bunch of meanies?????

For meanies please read kind, thoughtful and generous.  In short just old fashioned wonderful.

I suspect I might be the luckiest girl in the world.