Just before the wedding I cast on Ingenue from Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard.

I’m knitting it in Artesano Aran in the colourway Dawn purchased from the fabulous Brownberry Yarns, and I cast off yesterday.

And that’s when I realised that Huston, I have a problem.

Whilst the neck, sleeves and body are all lovely

the sweater itself is too short and the hem is decidedly hinky

This is the point where I should be lying on the floor crying, wailing and beating my breast at the cruel humour of the knitting gods.

Not so.

This sweater is knit in the round, from the neck down.

All I have to do is frog back to the beginning of the hem border, pick up the stitches, knit the extra length I need and redo the hem.  Properly.

Simples.  I love knitting top down sweaters!