Just in case you’re interested, here are some details about the dress.

The pattern is Vintage Vogue 2903.  The pattern is very easy to put together but doesn’t include a pattern for a petticoat or a lining, which I think is remiss. You need the petticoat to complete the line of the dress and frankly, I wouldn’t make an occasion dress like this without a lining, so I drafted my own by removing the pleat sections and the facings from the main pattern pieces.  In my opinion the Big 4 patterns are really lazy about details like this and need to sort their act out.  Just my opinion.

The fabric is a polyester duchesse satin from John Lewis (where else!).  I was going to use silk duchesse from James Hare, but baulked at the cost for a dress I will only wear once.  Oh, and this satin totally matches the colour of my engagement and eternity rings, so it was a no-brainer.

The dress is interlined with cotton lawn purchased from Fabric Imports Direct on eBay.  I would definitely buy from them again.

I also used dress net to interline the dress. This and the lining (a simple poly lining) were both bought from my local sewing shop, The Buttonhole in Chorley.

If I were making this dress again I wouldn’t interline the sleeves as this adds a bit too much bulk for easing the sleeves into the bodice. I would also perhaps change the armhole to give myself a little more hugging room around the armsyce.  But the restriction enabled me to be very ladylike for the day…most unusual!

Oh, and I wouldn’t scorch my dress two days before the wedding either!  We weren’t sure whether it was a scorch or a smudge so the dress went to the cleaners, which accounts for slight puckering where the cotton lawn has slightly shrunk!  Thankfully we could hide it in the side pleat.

I’m going with the adage that only God creates perfection!

But I do love this dress and when you compare it to the Pastel Outfit of Shame, it just goes to show what a difference careful fabric choices and taking your time over the construction makes.

The shoes are this season’s LK Bennett.  The stockings are from Touchable….I would buy a size smaller next time.

The garter (you can see it in the wedding photos…I’m not doing an action shot!) is from Rigby and Peller, a gift from my extravagant and  naughty friends Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat and Kelly (who has just the chicest bob ever!)

The pearls are vintage….they were my maternal grandmother’s.

The earrings were borrowed from Black Purl (she of the spectacular feathered hat)

The hat is John Lewis too, although everyone was amazed that it too wasn’t vintage.