…and I’m losing my mind!  LOL!!!

Seriously though….I’m fine.  Just a wee bit tired.  It’s a very busy week here Chez Stitches

Today I’m autumn cleaning the upstairs of the house.  Including shampooing the carpets.

This weekend I’ve got  a cake to make for a party, the  party to attend, a date with the kid’s elder sisters, a cinema date with Mr S, to take the dog to Himmelbjerget’s for a holiday, the order of service to print, the favours to wrap, my dress to finish (nearly there, just a couple or so hours of handstitching and a very good press), the baby bridesmaids dresses to hem, and The Boy’s suit to hem and press.  Monday I’m autumn cleaning downstairs and ironing. Tuesday I’m shoe shopping for the littlest bridesmaids.

Then I’m done.


Ready for a week tomorrow.

I hope!