Greetings from the House of Crazy.

The last week has been a blur of activity.  The dress shell is finished…I’ll be working on the lining tomorrow.  The hall, stairs and landing have been painted.  As has the porch.  And we threw a supper party for Pa Stitches’ birthday yesterday.

We have finally finalised the menu with Northcote.  I’m so excited about the food choices….and Lisa is cooking for us.

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She’s cooked for the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.  We’re  thrilled that she’ll be cooking for our friends and family.

Today I met with our photographers.  Pete and Laura are just the nicest people you could hope to have, and their photos are simply amazing.  They’ve been with us all the way on our journey to get to this wedding and have been gracious and patient with our constantly changing plans.  So, once the dress has been revealed to our family and friends, I’ll have lovely pictures to show you guys.  I’ll just keep you in suspense until then.

All in all, we are in very safe hands and by the end of this week everything will be in place….done and dusted.  Just in time for my niece and her family to arrive.  And for me (and the beleaguered Stitch parents who have been fabulous and caring for the kids whilst I’ve been sewing) to relax.

I’ve some other things to share with you just as soon as I get a few minutes to take pictures.  I’ll get to it this week, I promise.