Today I basted the dress together.

Each stitch taking me closer and closer to the realisation that I really need to give up dressmaking and high tail it to the Trafford Centre to find something to wear for my wedding.

At just after 6 pm tonight I tied off the final stitch on the final seam.

The moment of truth had arrived.

Remembering what the dress looked like at the toile stage, I slipped it on.

Filled with trepidation I turned to the mirror.

My eyes filled with tears.


It is (if I can toot my own horn a little here) just a little bit beautiful.

The only thing I need from the Trafford Centre are shoes for the baby girls.

I’ve just finished sewing all the seams.  Tomorrow I shall remove the basting and press the seams to crisp loveliness.

I am a very happy, if slightly tired, girl.