“Rip it up” might be a bit excessive.  But certainly “rip it out and start again” has been the order of the day for Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat’s bridesmaids dress.

Although it looked ok, particularly in the pictures posted here, but at the back of my mind has been a little voice whispering “dishrags!” at me.  Much as I’d like to clip that little voice around the ear for giving cheek, I’ve suspected that it has a point.  And this was confirmed to me a couple of weeks ago when I attended a workshop held by Lorna Knight at Bambers in Manchester.

It was a short workshop, just a couple of hours, all about using interlining and interfacing.  I was amazed and enthralled and hot-footed home to unpick said dress.

So for the last couple of days I’ve been cutting out cotton lawn and dress net and hand stitching them to the floppy face fabric.

As I’ve mentioned before in this blog, I’m not a process person.  I’m time poor and for me it’s all about the results.  But with every item I make I’m learning to slow down and enjoy the process a little more each time.

With this garment, I can blame ignorance on not having applied this technique the first time round, but I’m sure that come the new year, when I have time to sew again, I’ll be taking more time over my choices….fabric, design and construction, which hopefully will elevate the quality of my sewing.

But the question is, was it worth the effort of unpicking polyester satin (we all know what a bear it is!) and interlining it before remaking the dress.

In short…yes.  The dress is currently waiting final fitting with AWIAC, but I put a piece of the fabric next to a section which I’d interlined

As you can see, the unlined piece on the left is definitely droopy, whilst the interlined piece to the right has substance and structure without loosing drape.

I’m converted and slightly obsessed now planning projects which can use this technique.  I recommend it and will be using it in The Dress, which goes onto the table for cutting out tomorrow. I just haven’t worked out how to blog about it without giving the game away.  But I shall!