Whilst the fabric for my wedding dress languishes in a bag waiting patiently to be sewn (soon, my lovely, soon) I have tarried with other projects, namely the oliver + S birthday party dress.

image courtesy of http://www.oliverands.com

I’ll admit that I was reluctant to spend quite so much money on a pattern, but rationalised that if I traced it off I could get a few year’s use out of it, which in my head made it so much more reasonable priced.  I’m very glad I did.

Sorry for the rushed on-the-bed-before-we-dash-to-nursery photos


The pattern is lovely.  Printed on sturdy paper with clear markings and wonderful instructions, it shows what can be achieved with patterns if you take the time and actually give a crap about your product and your customers.

Big 4 take note!!

Sadly the same can’t be said of the fabric, which is a hideous but practical polyester that is washable but simply refuses point-blank to hold a pleat!  I made a size 2, but would make the next size up next time to give her a little more growing room.  And I’ve lots of the fabric left, so will probably draft a new front without the pleats to use this up.  They are the perfect dress for nursery.

Button loves the dress, despite the failings of the fabric, and I love the pattern.  I see more of these in our future.  Just not in nasty polyester!!!!