Autumn is well and truly upon us in my little corner of the world.  As I’m typing this, on Sunday afternoon, the sky is cornflower blue lit by glorious sunshine and bereft of clouds.

It’s chilly, but only sweater chilly, and the kids are playing on their new little slide, which is keeping them out of the sort of mischief they got up to earlier in the week.

Extreme Home Makeover – Toddler Edition

My Belle Epoch roses are still pretending it’s summer, much to my delight

and whilst there are still apples on the tree

we have been picking them and making them into delicious, if rustic, crumbles with blackberries picked from the hedgerows.

The turning of the season heralds the high-speed approach of  That Bloody Wedding, and, despite all my protestations to the contrary so far, I’m starting to feel a little trepidation that the dress is still a pile of fabric and I’ve not even cut the pattern out yet!

Thankfully most of the other plans are falling into place.  I have something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a sixpence for my shoe.

I don’t have lingerie!  Or flowers.  But I do have cake.  Oh, and we’ve still to finalize the menu and wine.

We’re meeting with our priest on Friday and will have the hymns and music sorted this week.

The Ma’s have their outfits after a lovely day spent shopping in Manchester yesterday, along with a spot of lunch

We are making progress.  And this week marks the turning point.

My final exam for my current degree module is on Tuesday afternoon, and by next weekend I hope to have the alterations done to Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat’s dress.  Ma is cutting and sewing the toile for me this week so I can fit the dress next weekend and start cutting and sewing the following week.  I will have 4 mornings a week for three weeks where the munckins are with their grandparents, plus naps and evenings.  I should have no trouble getting the dress done in that time. Don’t you agree?

Now all I have to do is find the boy’s missing Croc (how do you lose a shoe in the house?  I have no idea), and my Gardener’s Journal book (same question applies), so I can continue with the stitcheries.  It’s driving me more crazy that I’ve lost these two things somewhere in the house than that  my wedding dress isn’t on the table.

It’s say’s a lot about me, no?  😉