….is my head full of thoughts of sewing

….and knitting

….oh!  and quilting

….and dinner parties

….and fun outings with and without the kids (tomorrow is London for Grace Kelly/Horrocks and perhaps a little fabric browsing on the side due to the evil enabling influence of my friend Liz!)

….and red velvet cupcakes for the wedding

….and wedding dresses

….and pretty much lots of lovely things, none of which are related to the French vocabulary and grammar that should be in there ready for my last exam in two weeks.

On reflection, the vocab and grammar are probably in there, they are just shrugging nonchalantly with a Gauloise in one hand and an espresso in the other muttering  “Je ne sais rien! Mais c’est une jolie robe.”*

Ah well.  I have to admit that after the oral exam (I’ll recount the tale another time, but the word “fiasco” just about sums it up), I’m past worrying and just have one more summer school alternative and the written exam and then I can get to the sewing and the knitting and the cooking and the outings.

And I might squeeze a little wedding in there as well!

Have a great weekend.  I’ll be skipping round the capital and I’m taking my camera.

And my French revision!

*” I know nothing!  But that’s a pretty dress!”