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Over the weekend all of us here were feeling completely depleted.  The Boy is cutting 4 teeth (Button popped them out like peas….he suffers terribly) and both he and Button have some sort of cold that leaves them soggy and fractious.  We are all tired and grumpy and counting down to the wedding when we can celebrate with our friends and loved ones, then hide ourselves away for a couple of weeks of sleep, relaxation, fresh air and slowness.

The incessant low cloud and rain doesn’t help the mood either.  Nor does the looming spectre of tonight’s French Oral Exam, which I was still prepping at 2.30am last night.

But today we woke to sunny skies.   And despite feeling vaugely queasy due to lack of sleep and pre-exam nerves, I had good hopes for the day.

It turns out I should really trust my instinct a little more, as small and not so small things have made me happy today:

– First thing this morning Button announced that “I need to poop, Mummy”.  This is not an uncommon occurrence in our house.  What happened next is uncommon.  She removed her overnight nappy, pulled her little step up to the loo, fitted the baby loo seat and proceeded to live up to her proclamation.  We are winning the potty training battle one day at a time.

– Ma SIL bravely volunteered to have both the terrors this morning instead of the usual one, as Ma is still recovering from knee surgery.  This gave me a little more much needed revision time.

– The terrors behaved themselves.  This is nothing short miraculous.  My kids are boisterous and loud.  Not always in an adorable way!

– Tuesday is my weigh-in day.  I’ve been road testing (lots of) wedding cake over the last two weeks and fully accepted that this week I would have put weight on.  Imaging my absolute amazement to find that I’d lost a further 2.5lbs.

– I then received a phone call from Lara Croft confirming that The Peskalator’s adoption has finally been ratified.  I cried.  A lot.  They are a beautiful family and Pesk was obviously delivered by the same stork that delivered Button and The Boy….to the wrong address!

– I got to go to Starbucks (simply the best place for me to revise) and enjoy a Venti Coffee Light Frappucino.  Delish!

– The babes are having a nap, so I get to do a quick post.  I’m having a break from revision as Ma is coming over later to sit with the kids whilst I attempt to speak French, so I’ll have another hour then before we go online for the actual exam.

– Mr S is home from London tonight and we are planning a curry takeout with Ma to celebrate one exam down, one (plus two summer school alternatives) to go.  Only 3 weeks left and I can start my wedding dress.

So, you see.  Today my mood is as sunny as the weather.  Happiness is.