Although I’m ridiculously busy Chez Stitches at the moment, what with kids, the alternative French summer school for my degree course, the small matter of planning a wedding and just generally making sure there’s a shirt in the wardrobe for Mr S for work and a meal on the table at appropriate times, I’ve also managed to finish the Winter Flame scarf.

I’m amazed!

It’s actually been unceremoniously dumped in the workroom for a couple of weeksBut today I managed to finally block it.Although I’m most definitely not a process person, I’ve really enjoyed the actual knitting of this.  The yarn is delightful and the pattern simple.But I suspect I’m going to enjoy wearing it, it all its pointy perfection, even more.

Currently on the needles is a sweater for Button.  I’ve done the front and backs.  I have 8 rows to do to finish the first sleeve.  I think I’ll get it done in the next week or so, so pictures will follow soon.