I know I’m an absent blogger at the moment, but I’ve 4 weeks and 1 day to my final exam for this degree module and then I’m free to concentrate on making a wedding dress and finalising the wedding.  I’ll have a full 3 weeks to make my dress, which is making all my family and friends nervous.

I, on the other hand, am completely calm.  It’s a simple design and once it’s fitted the construction shouldn’t be too difficult.  There’s a couple of bits of it that are going to be time consuming, but they’re not difficult, and the Ma’s have promised extra childcare to let me get it finished.

It’ll be fine.  Fine, I tell you!

In the meantime the family have been pestering me to put together a wedding list.  It seems a wee bit mercenary to me, but they’ve insisted.  As the invitations had already been sent out before we did the list I thought I’d post the details here for convenience.

I hasten to add that this isn’t a blatent request for lovely pressies, just a quick way to get the information out to all concerned.  And I repeat to all concerned, we don’t need pressies, just you with us to celebrate our marriage.

Sigh.  They never listen to me.  So, here goes.

The list is with John Lewis and the Gift List Number is 430754.  It will open on the 2nd October and be open for 8 weeks.   It’s available online at www.johnlewis.com, by phone on 0845 600 2202 or in any JL store.

Now will you all stop bugging me?  Please?