Before I start I have to say that the pictures don’t do this justice, simply because it’s so big!  It’s nearly 70 inches wide and about 80 inches long.  Huge!This is An Angels Story Quilt, designed by Anni Downs and made for Button by Ma Stitches.

It is spectacular.

It almost fills the whole wall of her bedroom, which is where it’s staying until she is big enough for it to go on her bed.

It changes the whole look and feel of the room.

And, most importantly, Button absolutely adores it.  She pronounced that she was “very excited” about it whilst Daddy was hanging the café rod.  She declared it “beautiful” once it was on the wall.  My girl has excellent taste!As you can see the appliquéd stitcheries are just lovely.  But perhaps the most impressive aspect of this quilt is that it’s the first quilt that Ma has ever made.

I kid ye not.

Impressive, no?