Last weekend Mr S and I were chatting about what still needed to be done for That Bloody Wedding when a cold trickle of sweat dropped between my shoulder blades and a sickly feeling of horror crept over me.

I hadn’t sent out the invitations.

And we needed them back by the 31st August so we could confirm with Northcote how many bedrooms we’ll be needing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I know I’ve been a bit busy, but really.  Forgetting to send the invites is spectacularly dumb, even for me.

However, they are now out there, and the RSVP’s are coming in, with some delightful “yesses” from folks I didnt think would be able to make it.  Happy me.

So I thought I’d share a little of the invite with you as I had them hand-made for me by letterpress queen Jackie at Print for the Love of Wood.

The invitations themselves are letterpressed on cotton paper:

Front of the invitation

The inserts are printed, but in the same typeface.  We wanted them to be very informal, so included the following quotation, which speaks so clearly of our relationshipOf course, they wouldn’t be the same without reference to TBWJust for you, Pa!I cannot speak highly enough of Jackie.  I’m lucky that she lives quite close to me and she made me welcome in her home.  She also made the whole process of organising the invites an absolute pleasure.