Despite the best efforts of the Great British Weather, the deck is now complete. The rest of the garden looks like it’s been shelled, but two small people don’t give a damn about that, they’re two busy to care:Mr S has worked like a trojan to get this done, ably and amply aided by Pa SIL.

Woodwork (and DIY in general) has not been Mr S’s area of expertise.  Nor, necessarily, of comfort.  But despite this he has set too and worked miracles in this house and garden.  He’s knocked stuff down, built stuff up, and generally made this a safe home for me and the babies.  He’s even pitched in with the decorating, being a dab and speedy hand with a paint roller.

But the deck is something else.  He’s transformed a big unsightly hole into a place of fun and frolics for our babies.  And when the new furniture arrives, a place for me to sit out with them and watch them grow, and for us grown ups to end the day with a glass of wine and conversation.

So, thank you, honey, (and Pa SIL) for such a wonderful gift.

I am blessed to have such a good man in my life.  I really should marry him, no? 😉