Finally the sun is shining in Lancashire.

Which means the timber for the deck is dry enough for Mr S to be able to get outside and start filling the big black hole in the garden with a lovely new deckLike any sensible woman faced with the man of the house doing DIY, I took the only option available to me, packed the kids up and went to the park.

We are blessed with a lovely park just a couple of miles away.

C’mon Mummy, the ducks are this way!

Whaddya mean you didn’t bring bread?

Milk please, Grandma. Ooh and a cookie too? Yummmmm!

Can we play too?

Ha! This walking lark is a breeze!

I don’t think we should jump, Puppy, do you?

If the weather is even remotely dry next weekend, the deck will be finished. But for now, we have two tired babies fast asleep in bed, chicken dinner about to be served and Mr S nursing a well deserved stiff drink.