…I despair of myself.  I really do.

So there I was, happily planning outfits that involve an insouciant drape of Just Enough Ruffles, usually worn in autumnal Paris (hey, it’s my daydream), when the film snapped and flapped annoyingly in the wind.

The problem is my sudden and complete inability to read a pattern.  Specifically the bit on the pattern that says

2 skeins Malabrigo Merino Worsted

The clue is in the “worsted” bit.

Not “4 ply”.  Not “sock yarn”.  Not “fingering”.

Yep.  “Worsted”.

It would seem I am a Numpty!

Although my command of expletives demonstrated anything but a lack of knowledge of that particular subject!

So, a quick search of Ravelry and I’m now knitting Winter Flame by Juliet Romeo Juliet, a free Ravelry download.  And don’t  even think I won’t be shopping for a suitable yarn for my Ruffles.

It’s fairly late now, but I’ll try and take photos tomorrow as it’s knitting up very nicely thank you very much.  For a Numpty!