Oh dear…that blog title is appalling.  But so appalling I just had to leave it in place to give you a good groan.

You see, for my birthday I received lots of lovely gifts from my wonderfully kind and generous friends at my Thursday night knitting group.  These were especially generous as I’ve been noticeable by my absence this year as Mr S is often not home in time on a Thursday evening.

Several people clubbed together to buy me this lovely swift from Brownberry Yarns.The yarn was another birthday gift…it’s 100% bamboo 4 ply from High Weald Fibre Factory and is so deliciously soft it could only be a scarf, so it’s going to be Just Enough Ruffles from the lovely Laura Chau.

I’m off to wind the yarn without cussing, crying or passing the knotted remnants of the skein to Mr S who has the patience of a saint and will happily rescue said tangle for me.