Yesterday Ma Stitches and I went on a road trip to Johnny Looloos and The Patchwork Chicks, with a spot of lunch at a not very greasy spoon.

You’ll recall that I wanted to buy some interfacing for the mini bridesmaids dresses.  Turns out I can only get it at Johnny Looloos.  So off we went.

The lovely lady pulled it out and then came the kicker.  £6.50 per metre.

I needed 5 metres.  Eek.  Suddenly the frugal Von Trapp Family Bridesmaids Dresses were not looking quite so cost effective.

And then I saw it.

Sapphire satin

It’s just the most glorious colour and only £6.00 a metre.

A bit of a no brainer.  So the Von Trapp Family Bridesmaids Dresses are relegated to the “what a great idea but rubbish in practice” box.  And I’m back to the drawing board.  Thankfully I have two whole days next week where Ma and Ma-in-Law have offered to look after the wee small children so I can have whole days of sewing.  I am blessed and what a luxury.

And next to it was………..well, I can’t tell you because a certain husband-to-be reads this blog (just to check up what beans I’m spilling about him – LOL).  But needless to say you’ll see it after the 13th November.

To celebrate the new fabric I harvested the first strawberries of the summer from under the treeWhisked up some egg whites and sugarAnd made meringueAnd made pavlova.I heart Jamie Oliver