…which according to Google translate is Dutch for “thank goodness for football”.

Whilst I’d never admit it to his face, it’s rather lovely having a legitimate 90 minutes (assuming someone actually scores before half time or it could be more free time) in which to catch up with Google Reader, drink a glass of wine and drop a quick post here before bedtime.

It’s been a busy weekend with shopping, housework, silk dyeing, knitting swatches, embroidering, potty training, sitting in the park whilst Button and The Boy play with their two elder siblings, visiting Ma and admiring the quilt she’s currently making for Button (don’t even think I won’t blog about it when it’s finished), planning the mayhem that is the coming week, ordering timber for the deck, and fixing telephone wires that have been loosened in the chaos that ensued when the boy knocked a vase of peonies to the floor, so a little bit of quiet is a precious thing.

Although, on a completely random train of thought, when I lived alone the silence wasn’t as rich as it is now, with it’s faint undertones of sleeping babes and footie mad fiancé.  I love this silence.

Anyway, enough of that.  Whilst I’m free, free I say, I thought I’d show you the stitcheries I’ve done so far for the Gardener’s Journal Quilt.

Annual Garden Show
Potting Plants
Bird Bath

3 down, 22 to go!  I know it’s a teeny bit twee but I love it.  It makes me smile and all the little ladies remind me of people I know, although I’m not telling you who, even under torture!

The other strange thing is that I’ve always been an end results kinda girl, rather than a process kinda girl, but with this I’m so enjoying the process the end result really doesn’t figure.  I’ve also found this with the bridesmaids dresses.  I’m really focussing on making them well rather than just getting them made.

And it’s a lot more fun.