There are no pictures to go with this blog, but I thought you’d like to know that despite the horrid heat being back (I’m super glad I don’t live in the South any more….they are melting completely) I am working my way to completing the little dresses for the baby bridesmaids.

I have to admit to hitting a wall with them.  It’s taken me two days, a lot of basting and even more unladylike cursing to figure out what the problem is. The revelation came to me whilst dragging my self round the Trafford Centre this afternoon (a crazy way to spend a Saturday afternoon, I know, but Mr S needed a suit and somehow several new tops found their way home with me!)


I washed the silk to dye it.  It’s all soft and lovely in texture but it flops about like a fish on a pole.

My Damascene revalation also gave me the solution.


So…whilst Mr S gave the babies their bath and milk, I ran up to the loft, undid all the work I’ve done over the last couple of days, found a scrap of interfacing and tried it on the back of one of the dresses.


The fabric is transformed.  It’s study but not crisp and the dresses have their shape back.

I’m over the moon (and not a little relieved).

So they are on hold until I can get my mitts on some more of this interfacing. It might mean another trip to John Lewis but frankly, my dears, I don’t give a damn.

When I started making these dresses there was a great deal of muttering that I should make my dress first and buy the bridesmaids dresses if I ran out of time.  But, apart from hoping to lose another few pounds before I start my dress, it’s also a safe way to get my head into gear on the inexpensive fabric before I start work on a project that I would weep if I got it wrong.

Wow…it almost sounds like a plan!

And whilst I’m waiting I’m going to cast on some knitting and do a little more embroidery on the stitcheries for the Gardener’s Journal quilt.  I’ve nearly finished the second of these so I will post a couple of pictures when it’s done. This quilt is going to take an age to complete but I don’t care.  It’s a lovely way to spend an evening when it’s too hot to knit.