…of a different sort.

This morning Button and The Boy were visiting their grandparents, so I took the opportunity to have a little quiet time.

After a quick whizz round doing only the most necessary housework, I sat down to a late but leisurely breakfast with a magazine and a little wander around the Blogosphere.

Then, up to the workroom to press the mini bridesmaids dress outer shells and finished the tedious task of gathering netting and stitching it to the linings.I’m jolly glad they’re done and out of the way.  All that’s left now is to stitch linings to shells, which I’m doing by hand in front of the telly!   I know, I could machine them, but I kinda like hand sewing *cries of ‘weirdo’ reverberate across the land* so it’s a pleasant task for me.

This afternoon the children were exhausted and promptly fell asleep (as I suspect did the grandparents) so I pootled around the sewing room again.

The recent experience of the Pastel Outfit of Shame has made me realise that my stash, whilst paltry compared to some of you guys out there, is primarily composed of fabrics bought on a whim.  And not a good whim either.  No consideration has been given to whether the fabric would suit me, what I’d make or if it was appropriate for my lifestyle.  And even if it was appropriate 2 or 3 or 4 years ago, it surely isn’t now!

So I’ve culled!

And it was a great deal easier than I’d anticipated, probably because it’s going to a good home. This little pile is packed up ready for my niece, who is learning to sew at the moment and, worst case scenario, can use it to practice.

This leaves me with the following:

Pale sage green linen – for a blouse or a dress
Pucci inspired print for a cowl necked top
Yummy Linton tweed for a jacket

More lovely Linton tweed for another jacket

That’s it!  Oh, and some gorgeous black stretch cotton to make some Gap inspired trousers and, hopefully, a skirt.

Obviously this doesn’t include the bag of fabric to make stuff for Button and The Boy!  That doesn’t count!

So, whilst the only things I’m planning on sewing between now and November are wedding related, it’s nice to have it all sorted to know that only fabric that actually works for me now is sitting there waiting to be sewn.

It’s also a salutary lesson that:

a)   whims are bad!

b)   I’m not a stash kinda girl.

c)  Going forward I’m not buying anything unless it works for me, fits my lifestyle, and I know exactly what I’m going to make with it before I buy it.

This feels like progress.  Now there’s just the yarn to do…….