After sweltering though temperatures in the low 30s last week, it is much more sensible here today.  And has been for a couple of days. It’s still sunny, and warm enough to go without a cardigan, but there is a refreshing breeze and you can think clearly again.

So, normal service has been resumed and we’ve been a hive of activity here.

I’ve been cleaning and working on a French assignment.  I’ve even gathered and pinned one of the petticoats for the little dresses. With the garden in disarray it’s nigh on impossible to keep the floors clean, but I can live with that, as it’s definitely a short-term issue.

On Saturday Mr Stitch and Son of Himmelbjerget worked like demons to dig up the last of the old patio, including several old car exhausts, what could be part of a gearbox from a motorbike, and some garden wall that had just been toppled into the hole by the previous owner of our house.  We wouldn’t have been surprised if they’d dug up bones.  It’s been a miserable job.

The garden looks like a bomb has exploded in it.  The hole for the deck is enormous.  There is soil piled high in the raised bed awaiting removal to the tip, and a big pile of bricks and rubbish on the drive awaiting the same fate.

This makes me very happy.

Within the next 3 weeks the deck should be in place.

Another 2 or 3 weeks after that and the turf will be down and all the rubbish cleared.

Just the gates to the side of the house and the hard work is done.

That’s why I’m so happy.  This is the worst its going to look.  It’s all getting better from here on in.

I shan’t be planting this garden this year.  I’m just going to put loads of manure on the bed and leave it and the lawn to settle until the spring.

Then I’ll be skipping round the garden centres with a very large trolley!