I’m not the biggest fan of summer.  The season, not the wee small girl!  Although she does have her moments!

It’s all that being too hot, pale legs and burnt shoulders, short tempers and overtired children.  Give me a crisp autumn day and I’m a much happier munchkin.  Cool weather clothes are also so much nicer.

The worst thing about the sunny, hot weather we have been enduring enjoying of late is that I simply don’t get anything done.

The house has been a pit.

I haven’t knitted a stitch since I finished the last Chloe.

The bridesmaid dress sewing has ground to a halt.  Although I am up to gathering the net for the petticoats

So all in all not a great deal has been going on here…unless you count my whinging about the heat as a productive activity.

Probably not!

So I thought I’d take the opportunity to share with you the latest finished object to adorn my house, although there is no way I can claim the glory on this one.  It’s all down to Ma Stitches.It looks absolutely perfect in our entrance hall.  I’m so pleased with it.  Ma is a whizz with a needle.


Today the babies were playing in their room.  As usual they were noisy and boistrous, stripping cushions off the sofa and tipping toys all over the room. Pretty much standard practice for small children.

Suddenly I realised that all was quiet.

Most peculiar.

Here’s the reason why:Asleep where they stopped.

Too cute!