Do you remember the scene in “The Sound of Music” when Maria gets all huffy about the Von Trapp children not having play clothes and promptly whizzes up a whole host of appropriate outfits from a pair of curtains?

Do you remember the silk curtains I made for our bedroom?

Can you guess what I’ve been up to?

Yep!  The silk that I was dyeing last week was part of a remnant roll of the silk I used to make my bedroom curtains!

The original plan was for me to make silk curtains, a matching headboard and to wrap the divan base in silk, all to match.  Then we decided to move in to the second bedroom so the largest bedroom could be Button’s room/playroom for both kids.

Too much duck egg silk in my original plan for the smaller bedroom.  And we’re planning to renew the bed soon.

So I’m left with a useful meterage of silk in a colour I won’t use in the rest of the house.

I could eBay it.

Or I could dye it a darker, forget-me-not/cornflower blue (it’s a smidge darker in real life)and make the Von Trapp Family Bridesmaid Dresses (VTFBD)out of it!!

You can call me cheap….I just call it frugal.  £500 for bridesmaid dresses or £450 more(after I’ve bought patterns, notions and dye)  in the pot for food and drink on the day itself.

I can hear the guests cheering now!

The little ones are having New Look 6881I’m doing the scoop necked version, all one colour, no sleeve frill and ballerina length.

The silk is cut out (both dresses) and I’m ready to sew.  It’s a busy week this week but I’m hoping to make a start at the weekend.  Fingers crossed….time is ticking by!