Happy Father’s Day, my love.  It’s so wonderful to have our little  family complete this year.

Father’s Day is celebrated Chez Stitches with a lie-in for Daddy, breakfast in bed, gifts (a bottle of his favourite brandy for now with another item en route from the States) then we are joined by the parents for the obligatory (and Mr Stitches’ favourite) Devil’s Food Cake.The cake is decimated because although Pa isn’t with us Pa SIL kindly offered to eat his share of the cake.  What we’d do without him I do not know.

However.  It seems that I’ve read far too much of the Selfish Seamstress recently, because although it’s Father’s Day, I’ve taken a leaf out of her book and successfully managed to make today all about ME!

It’s my birthday on Tuesday (yay!) and I really wasn’t expecting presents from the family because I really, really, REALLY want a digital SLR and, when asked, told them all not to bother with a gift, but to please all save up for birthday and Christmas until there was a fund sufficient to buy me a second-hand entry-level camera.

Well, whaddya know!  They pulled a blinder!

My new baby!

For some time now Mr (Sneaky) S has been sat of an evening messing with his phone and when questioned has reliably informed me he was mooching round on eBay.

This is the fruits of his labours.  Technically secondhand.  Actually brand spanking new apart from about 10 photos that it took for its previous owner to work out he hadn’t got a clue and tootle off to buy something simpler.

His loss.  My gain.  I’m a VERY HAPPY BUNNY, so thank you family.  I’m also very grateful.

Now…I have a manual to read and pictures to take.

Have a lovely Sunday.