I’ve been pondering on why this last sewing project went so very wrong and I think it comes down to the simple fact that I’ve never really focused that much on clothes since my late teens early twenties.  I can do corporate wear with my eyes shut but am still finding my way with the casual stuff.

Also I’ve still a long way to go with my sewing skills (the bound neckline above is testament to that).

Strangely, this disastrous outfit, coupled with a a few recent successful trips to the shops for ready to wear, is slowly bringing clarity to the situation.

My conclusions so far are as follows.

Things I should avoid like the plague:

1.  Pastels

2.  Raglan/dolmen sleeves

3.  Shiny prints

Things that work for me:

1.  Skinny trousers

2.  Bootleg trousers

3.  Long tops/cardigans with the above

4.  Wide legged trousers

5.  Dresses (surprisingly more than skirts and tops)

It feels like progress.

All other sewing is going on hold for now as I start work on the dresses for the wedding.  First up are two little dresses for the teeny bridesmaids.  Nice and straightforward, in silk.

But I think it’s time to be absolutely ruthless with my fabric stash and see what works and what doesn’t with my new found knowledge.  This is a subject we’ll be coming back to later.