The Garden Man arrived bright and early on Tuesday morning.  We invited him in for a coffee and to marvel at his fortitude in working in the rain.  As he rightly pointed out, if he didn’t, not much would get done in Lancashire.

As he was leaning against the unit, contemplating the awful task ahead of him, a little voice piped up:

“Who are you?  Get. Outside. NOW!”

We don’t need a big, barky dog…we have a small, impolite child!

Thankfully he’s got kids of his own and just shrugged it off.  Within five minutes he had progressed to “The Nice Man in the Garden”.  Phew!

And The Nice Man in the Garden has cleared the old borders and the mouldy shed, put up a lovely new fence panel behind the garage and, most importantly, built the biggest raised bed in the world. Ever.Maybe I exaggerate.  Just a little.  But at the moment it looks like a set from Close Encounters.  It’s waaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger than I thought it would be but opens up a load of scope for some very lavish planting.s.  I’m thinking lilacs for starters!

Next up is the lawn and decking.  Over to you, Mr S!