Erm, hello!

Why didn’t anyone point out that That Bloody Wedding is only a smidge over 5 months away?


You know I thought I was super organised about the whole thing…being super smug about it all being in hand and going swimmingly?


You’ll notice the weight chart ain’t moved much recently.  Below par health, a new small child and the wretched exhaustion do not contribute to regular gym going.  Good job I’m making the dress!  I feel super strength foundation garments coming into play!

Which reminds me I really should make a start on the three bridesmaids dresses and my gown.  I refuse to pay upwards of £70 for a dress that isn’t even what I’m looking for, in the wrong colour, for a 2-year-old girl to wear it for less than a day.  Ditto the 3-year-old.  And much as I love Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat…£300 for a dress is ridiculous.  I’m not planning on spending that much on my whole outfit.

Given that it’s taken me over a month to make a skirt and a t-shirt…I think I need to get my act together and make a start.  Don’t you?