Whilst the inside of the house is all but finished (let’s ignore a pair of curtains and painting the hallway for now, shall we), and the front garden is coming along very nicely, thank you very much, the back garden is a different story altogether.Mortifying!

However, its all about to change.

We’ve made a start already (that being a Royal ‘we’) as Mr Stitch has made me some beautiful gates for the front of the drive.  He’s feeling rather smug at the moment.  I would too!  This is the first time he’s made anything like this.They just need a touch of wood-filler over the screw heads and staining, with the fence panels being done the same colour.

Charlie is disgruntled.  He was rather enjoying pushing his way through our makeshift barrier of bins and going for a wander around the neighbourhood. Thankfully our neighbours all know him and happily brought him home.

And tomorrow The Garden Man arrives to start the landscaping.  He’s digging out the raised beds and reshaping them (they have to stay as they hold up all the fencing!), he’s removing the derelict shed (leaving a hardstanding that one day will house a small greenhouse…I hope), and putting a fence panel behind where the shed is (which stops our neighbours dog from coming in to visit…she’s much slimmer than Charlie).

This work will make a huge difference to the look of the garden as he’s going to reuse the patio slabs to form the edge of the beds.  Mr S is going to replace the patio with a deck.  Not my first choice aesthetically, but a good choice for small hands, feet and knees.

I’m hoping within the next two or three weeks the deck will be in place, then all that’s needed is a gate between the garage and the house to corral the kids, and lawn where the gravel is at the moment.  By mid-July the garden should be ready for the kids to play in it in saftey and all I’ll have to do is the arduous task of planning the planting and cutting the hedge.

Sigh!  Poor me!