Now that the Wellie Warmers are done, I’m still working on stash busting.  I’ve promised myself (and Mr Stitch) that I won’t buy any more yarn, fabric, patterns, whatever, until I’ve cleared some of the piles of stuff I’ve got in the loft.  And I know that by most peoples standards it’s a pretty pitiful attempt at a stash, but I’m getting bored of the fabrics so need to clear them to make way for new ones.

The only caveat to this embargo is that I can buy items that facilitate the utilisation of stash.  (I’m being frugal…not stoopid!)

With this in mind, I’ve currently got 3 projects on the go…one knitting, one dressmaking and one quilting (yep…another craft has crept into the workroom.

Firstly, the knitting.  I’m doing Liz Abinante’s Traveling Woman

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In some glorious Wollmeise that was gifted to me by Black Purl:As always the picture really doesn’t do the yarn any justice at all.  The colour just glows and it’s a joy to work with. Stash busting at it’s best!

The dressmaking is using up a piece of Amy Butler Full Moon Polka Dot that I bought to make pyjama pants with and didn’t buy enough!

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So I’m using it as a wearable muslin for a self drafted skirt pattern.  Really just an exercise in both pattern drafting and getting my skills back up to scratch as I’ve done so little dressmaking over the last few years and have rather an important dress lurking in my not so distant future.

Also, I think upwards of £45 for an A-line skirt is more than a little steep…yes Johnny Boden, that’s you I’m talking about!

And last, but by no means least, the quilting.  You may remember I bought a lovely layer cake at Harrogate last year:This is where the shopping caveat came in.  Phew!  I’d planned just to make a simple quilt, sewing all the squares together as is, then appliquéing butterflies to the surface. But it just didn’t grab me. So, whilst on a recent reconnaissance mission to a newly discovered quilting shop, The Patched Pumpkin in Southport (who have just the most adorable staff), I spied Anni Downs’ A Gardner’s Journal and I was done for!

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It’s got everything I need to spark the flame of interest.  Hand-sewn embroidery – check! Interesting yet simple quilt blocks – check! Something beautiful and practical at the end of it – check!

I’m planning not to actually quilt this but to back it with fleece as a slightly posh picnic blanket.

Shall we not mention the purchase of a light box this also triggered?

Hmmmm, let’s not, eh!