When I bought the yarn for Mr Stitches’ Snowflake Jacket I bought waaaaaaaay too much of it. I can almost hear Mr S snorting “no surprise there, then!”.

So what’s a girl to do?  Ma Stitches and her lightning fast needles to the rescue, and two cute knits for Button and The Boy:

Just how cheeky is that little face????
My mop haired poppet

The Boy’s sweater is Gavyn by Amanda Blackford. Button’s is Eyelet Yoke Cardigan by Sarah Hoadley.  Both are available as free downloads on Ravelry.  Aren’t people just so generous with their talents.  Thank you to both ladies for sharing these patterns.

And there’s still enough of the grey left for another Gavyn, which shall soon be winging its way to my nephew, Jacob. Just in perfect time for the British summertime!  Today’s Spring is overcast, cold and wet.  Just right for new knits.

Thanks Ma.