The good:

::sneaking out for a swim today whilst the wee beasties were visiting grandparents

::making bread from the recipe by Richard Bertinet in his book “Dough”.  Seriously.  Go buy it now!  It’s amazing.

::It’s sunny.  In Lancashire.  Crazy but true.

::We start work on the garden this weekend.  The landscaping chappie comes in 6 weeks.

::The Boy shouting “Mama, Dada” at the top of his not inconsiderable voice.

::Button climbing on my lap just before bed just to tell me “I love you, Mummy”.

::Button telling me I have pretty hair.  Aaaaah, the innocence of children.

:: Mr S giving me a Sunday lie-in until 10am.  Bliss.

::Escaping for supper on Saturday to celebrate Himmelbjerget’s birthday and eating the most amazing food in the most wonderful company.

::Coffee and cake and sand pits and climbing frames at Lara Croft/Indiana Jones’ on Sunday.  Button learned to climb.  I never want her to lose the feeling of absolute joy in her achievements that she felt.

::The socks for Mr S are so nearly finished I can taste it!

The bad:

::Button deciding a new brother is the perfect segue into the terrible twos.  Who knew she’d be so good at it?

::The Boy deciding that 5.45am is the perfect time to get up.  Every day.  Bleugh!

::I’m too tired and too busy to sew.  Since my last post all I’ve managed to do is buy lining fabric (we’ll not mention the jersey I also bought for a top. Sssssssh!), wash and press the fabric, and draft a pattern for an a-line skirt.  Good grief.

::Still not studying.  Supposedly I’m working on an assignment tonight, but here I am, chatting to you.  Ooops!

The ugly:

::Hmmmmm. Nothing to tell.  What can I say…as they say in the movies “Life is Beautiful