The boy’s room has been looking more than a little Spartan of late. You’ll remember that Mr S moved his study out and I painted quite a few weeks ago. Well, since then not much has happened in there.

This week Mr S put the cot bed and chest of drawers into the room.  We won’t mention the Mystery of the Missing Cot Bolts.

Today I’ve ordered the mattress and bed linen. And hung a blind:

There is a toning pair of curtains to be made (the last pair for the house…huzzah!), but until I find a pole that matches the furniture, they are on hold.  I can’t say I’m sorry not to be sewing them at the moment.  I’m beyond bored of making window treatments.

The fabric is from John Lewis (of course) and I love it’s cheerfulness.  However I never cease to be amazed at the difference 1.5 m of fabric and a little stitching can make to a room.