With apologies for the fuzzy pictures…all were taken in artificial light and I don’t (yet) have an SLR camera.

First up is the blind for the hallway.

I really rather enjoy making Roman blinds.  These are an easy size to manage and even with the interlining and the trim, this is coming together rather quickly.  Hurrah. Especially as I have another one to make in the same fabric and trim for the window at the top of the stairs.

Next is the Lucy cardigan.Just a teeny bit more of the yoke and the band to do here.  It’s flying off the needles now I’m on the yoke.  And about time too as this has taken far to long.  My fault, not the pattern.  A bad attack of ennui that has now been shaken off.

And last but by no means least:The yarn is a lace-weight from Teeswater Wools in Clitheroe with two strands knit together.  It’s spun from rare breed sheep and is absolutely glorious. Whilst the photo above shows the cable pattern, Comfy Cables, free on Ravelry, it doesn’t show the colour.  This is more like it:Just lovely.  And a super easy pattern.  And a great excuse to use the Petite Project Pouch, for which this is a perfect fit.