The normal scenario is that you’ve just nipped to Tesco for 4 tubs of Haagen Daz, in your pyjamas, with unwashed hair, spots, and no makeup.

That’s when you run into people you really wish you hadn’t.  Or you at least wished for a comb and clothes.

It doesn’t normally happen that you have your skinny jeans (both style and what they do for your figure), you favourite coat (the one that makes you look like you’ve had enough sleep), makeup and a new hairdo.  Oh, and your handsome fiance on your arm and your adorable baby girl holding your hand.

It also doesn’t normally happen that whilst he looked like Adonis whilst he trampled your emotions a bajillion years ago, now he’s paunchy, balding, with a COMB-OVER (seriously!), and whilst he’s the same age as you he looks a good ten years older.

Hurrah for the style gods smiling on you.