…what a week!

This week has included, in no particular order, the following, :

decorating the small bedroom :: leaky pipes :: my great nephew being rushed into hospital with suspected viral meningitis :: my nephew being rushed into hospital with gastroenteritis :: knitting sleeves :: casting on a scarf :: painting the hallway :: Mr Stitches’s aunt being rushed into hospital…we’re still not sure what the problem is, but she is elderly and frail :: popping the ligaments on my knee :: two friends being in hospital – one as an emergency, the other for scheduled surgery :: Button saying her first full sentence “Open the door, Mummy, Nanna’s coming” :: going to knitting group :: actually being up to date with gift giving (J. your’s is on the table for when I see you at knitting this week) :: seeing the fabulously schlocky “The Wolfman” at the cinema and jumping out of my seat every two minutes :: giving up the fight with the Rest and Recuperation Mafia and sending the ironing out to the service :: getting paint mixed to the exact same shade as Farrow and Ball’s Cord without having to pay £50 a tin :: finding the perfect un-Valentines-Day gift for Mr S (1940’s Captain’s campaign decanters in the original leather holders) :: finding Sherlock Holmes and Poirot paperbacks for £1 each ::

So whilst everyone who has been ill is now thankfully on the mend I’m feeling a wee bit frayed around the edges. The funny thing is that whilst visiting a friend this week I did say that I don’t do anything.  At which comment my friend laughed fit to burst.  Maybe she has a point.  With this in mind I’m planning nothing more strenuous that knitting, studying and sewing of blinds for the coming week, so hopefully I’ll have something interesting to show you as the week progresses. And I promise pictures too.