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After a busy morning of errands I was much looking forward to a quiet afternoon of bunking off painting and sitting in the loft sewing a project pouch for portable knitting projects.  I’d sneaked up there yesterday for an hour and cut and pressed the fabric and half inserted the zip.

I knew that Mr Stitch was off on business so I’d have the whole of nap time to play and could finish it off after she’d gone to bed as it’s just the two of us tonight.

The knitting gods had other ideas.

In the form of a leaking pipe in the floor of the workroom.  Coming though onto the landing!

Thankfully we have a very good plumber who was with us in 20 minutes and 20 minutes later had sealed the offending pipe.  Also thankfully he only charged a tiny call out charge.  And even more thanks that it’s this week rather than next week when I’ll have painted and cleaned the carpets.  It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve decorated only to have a renegade pipe undo all my efforts within a week of completion!

Annoyingly this means that  the floor of the workroom is up and is to remain so until Mr S gets back on Wednesday night. Or  maybe even Thursday night if his meeting runs late or the traffic is uncooperative.  Until then I can’t even get into the workroom, never mind to the sewing table and machine.

So the knitting gods trump the sewing gods (or maybe the Rest and Recuperation Mafia have been particularly sneaky) and I’m spending nap time with a cup of tea, David Suchet as Hercule Poirot and the second sleeve of  the Lucy cardigan. I’m fast making up for my procrastination through January and should have this second sleeve finished by the end of the week.