…Miss Matty is finished.All in all I’m really rather pleased with this, although there are things I’d change. The pattern is a bit hinky around the collar and the sleeve heads. If I make it again I’d wiggle these out. Fortunately this yarn hides a multitude of sins.  And it’s perfect for throwing on over a thinner sweater for walking in the park (or on a beach whilst on honeymoon in November).

And I have to say that I would be tempted to make this again, but would use a much softer yarn.  Whilst this is really warm and rugged, you wouldn’t want it right next to your skin.

I’d also do longer sleeves so I could turn them back and add a bit to the length. Because of its swing shape, at this length its a teeny bit boxy, but this was all the yarn I had, so I ran with it.


With Miss Matty done and dusted I’m cracking on with the Lucy cardigan.

If you’ve not used Brittany dpns yet, do yourself a big furry favour and  hot foot it down to your local store/internet provider and get some now. They are a joy to use.  Warm and comfortable in the hand.  Enough slip on the needle that you’re not fighting to move your stitches, but not so much slip that they’re whizzing off the back of the needle every time they think you’re not looking.

I’m going to my knitting group tonight for the first time in a dog’s age, so Lucy is coming with me. Having been procrastinating over these sleeves for so long, these new needles mean I’m finding it hard to put down.

Hope you have a good evening too.