5 boot-loads (the 4×4 not my little car) of rubbish have been cleared from the loft and taken to be recycled.

That’s not including the crate of patterns and fabric that are going to Ma.

It’s also not including the 2 crates of DVDs that Mr S is currently sorting through.  These are going to be digitised to computer and then the originals archived at the back of the loft.

Also not including are the three further bags of rubbish that I’ve squashed into the bin.

Can you believe there was even a fuss-ball table at the back of a cupboard.  Good grief!

And still we haven’t finished!  But we’ve done enough for today. Tomorrow night we move Mr S upstairs and I have no doubt that there will be more go from his study. I know for a starter there are 4 DVD shelves that are going. I’m embarrassed that I’ve been hoarding so much but feel so much lighter now it’s gone.

I’m off to knit.