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It’s been crazy busy here this week which has resulted in very little sewing or knitting being done.  The culprit has been the kitchen.  Or more specifically my truly awful paint choices.

I tried to introduce a little warmth to the room and started with Sage Green.  It was dreadful…but not as much as the pale toffee colour that was perfect in the tin, but dried to that particular shade of Mexican ochre that cries out for tacos, a sombrero and Tequila.  Not the look I was aiming for and not one that I even photo’d for posterity. It was just too grim.

It’s now Natural Calico from Dulux and absolutely gorgeous. I love it and the way it changes the room. The light is particularly grey here, and does very wierd things to paint colours.  So I’m thrilled as this colour manages to warm the room but keep it light at the same time.  I find it tranquil, which isn’t the result I’d anticipated, but one I’m very happy with.

The pole goes up on Saturday and next week it’s fingers to the needles until the curtain is finished.  As soon as it’s all done I’ll post pictures.

This however, isn’t the most exciting thing that’s happened this week.

We’ve booked our honeymoon.

So at this point you’re probably conjuring up pictures of beaches somewhere warm and sunny.  Or perhaps a villa in Italy, or even the lovely Gite de Nobecourt we visited in 2008.

Nope.  We’re going to Scotland.  In November. But it’s not as crazy at it seems.

Our original plan was indeed Nobecourt, but we wouldn’t get there until the Monday after the wedding at the absolute earliest as we can’t just split shift the driving and then sleep for 17 hours when we get there, which is what we’d do if it was just the two of us.  But  Button is coming with us and hasn’t done such a long journey.  Take into account how hyped she’ll be after all the excitement of the wedding and it’s a recipe for disaster.  We’d also have to cut the holiday short to accomodate the slower journey home too.

Dumfries, however, is a nice easy 3 hour drive from home.  The weather will be pretty much the same as northern France.  We’ll be near a beach for walks and games. There are bookshops and antique shops and galleries and restaurants and delis, all in abundance and all within a very short drive of the apartment.  And the money we save on diesel and ferry crossings can go towards making the most of the opportunities!!!!

Oh, and the apartment.  They do say a picture is worth a thousand words:

It’s going to be fab-u-lous!