Today I had a long list of things to do.  Most of them fairly easy to box off.  All of them pretty mundane:

1. Now the roads are clear (ish) again, get my lardy arse to the gym and start doing something about it.  Check…not a huge workout but definitely better than nothing.

2. Do my roots…4 weeks since the last colour and I look like Mrs Badger.  Check…Badger tendencies at bay for another couple of weeks.

3. Organise Button’s birthday get together for the weekend.  Check…messages sent to all concerned to let them know it’s going ahead.

4. Laundry.  Check…this is easy enough to work around other stuff.  Although I’ve still two loads to do.  Which begs the question…just how much laundry can three people create?

5. Ironing. Are you serious!!!!!

6. Fix my embroidery frame to stop it whizzing round and releasing the tension on the fabric.  Check…Turned out to be a 1 minute ‘remove washer’ fix.  Hurrah!!!

7. Study.

8. Finish sewing the face fabric panels together for the kitchen curtain.

Hmmmmm!!!  7 and 8 are where the problem arose.  In the form of a tiny, blond time thief who flatly refused to have a nap and screamed the house down if you tried.

So I managed all of about 20cms of hand sewing on the curtains.  They are starting to feel never ending.  I’ve only managed to get two of the three seams sewn on the face fabric.  The lining is still a crumpled pile of fabric.  And the pole arrives tomorrow.

So…we did what any sensible girls would have done at this point:

We twirled!!!!

We played with Timmy and Yabba and Dolly.

We read books about a cake baking Bunny.

We ate birthday cake.

We tickled.

We ran up and down the hall shrieking like a banshee (obviously I passed on that particular one).

What the heck…tomorrow is another day.