Today is 8 months since I first held my baby girl in my arms.

Yesterday was her second birthday.

They’re gonna kill me for this picture!!!!

Whereas most Mums look back to the day their baby was born, I look back to the day I walked into the sitting room at the foster carer’s home and she looked up at me and stole my heart with one smile.

The little girl who proudly confirmed that yesterday was indeed her “birfday” and that she was most emphatically “two”, with accompanying fingers just in case you were in any doubt,  is a world away from the timid baby I first met.

I thought I loved that baby more than it was humanly possible to love anyone. Today I know I was wrong.  Each day, as my little girl leaves babyhood behind, she steals another piece of my heart.  It’s a piece I’m happy to give.

Each day I love her more.

I know her daddy feels the same.

Happy birthday Button.