This time last year I looked forward to the year and set some sewing goals for myself.  What’s that saying about making plans to make God laugh.  He certainly had other plans for us, and the year turned out so very differently than we’d envisaged…mostly in a good way.

Well, looking back on them now it’s ridiculous how few of them I actually accomplished.  But, to remind you, here’s what I had planned for my sewing room during 2009:

1. Clear all my stash fabrics, yarns and embroidery projects.
What on earth was I thinking?  Least said about this, soonest mended!!

2. Make complete outfits rather than just odd garments for which I have nothing  that matches
3. Take my time and work on perfecting fit and finish so I have garments I really love and want to wear, rather than just getting stuff finished as fast as I can.
4. Enter a sewing competition.
8. Make a pair of dress trousers for Mr S.
9. Make a coat for me.
Well, if I’d managed to do much in the way of garment sewing then I would have made a dent into these.  The year had other plans for me, however, and I didn’t really achieve anything significant here.  In hindsight, goal 4 was possible a tad ambitious.

5. Sew my wedding dress.

As the wedding was postponed, so was this goal.  But it’s back on the menu for 2010.

6. Draft at least 3 patterns.
I actually had some success with this, and this surprises me.  One pattern was the copy of RTW jeans for Button, the other was the gingham shell for me.  Both of them need more work, but it’s a start.

7. Master my new CoverPro machine which means I’ll also work on improving my knit garment construction.
I am more comfortable sewing with this now…if only it was the same story for threading the dratted thing!

However, I did make:
2 pairs of trousers for me
1 pair of jeans for Button
1 Advent calendar
3 pairs of curtains (2 pairs interlined)
3 Roman blinds (2 interlined)
1 dress
1 coat alteration
2 skirts
3 tops
1 bath robe
2 pairs of mittens
2 hats
1 sweater for Mr S
1 vest for Mr S
1 jacket for Mr S
1 pair of socks
5 Button sized knits

Not what I’d hoped for but certainly not too bad.
My plan for this year is to do better…I just need to finalise my goals!!!  Watch this space.