….but the bedroom curtains are ready to hang. (Cue high-pitched and very girly squealing!)

We had planned to visit Santa today, and all of us were dressed up and ready to go when the heavens opened and down came the snow.  Frankly, much as I love Santa, I’m not risking life and limb on frozen and ungritted roads to visit with him.

So, whilst Mr S and Button practiced flying and building and reading and watching Horton Hears a Who (yes…it’s a favourite now in this house), I listened to A Christmas Carol on the radio and stitched like a demon.  They’ll be hung and photographed tomorrow.

And…I can hardly believe it…the Snowflake Jacket is sewn up and just needs the button band and buttons and it’s also done!

Again, pictures to follow.

I’m off to do my Winner’s Dance and drool some more over the Crown Devon Stockholm Red Leaping Stag china:

I stumbled across this whilst perusing  Nigella’s Christmas and am now coveting it in a most unseemly manner.  I’d always admired Himmelbjerget’s Seagull china and wished I could find a china pattern that spoke to me in the same way.

You really should be careful what you wish for!!!!!!