…and not the small yellow bear, either!

It’s been a strange week Chez Stitches.  Edited highlights follow:

  • Button has been poorly with a gastric viral infection (hence the bad taste post title!)  She swings between hurtling round the house and curling up on me for cuddles and sleeps.  Sick small children make you feel worse than useless.  Thankfully, she forgives me.
  • Whilst we’ve been curled up on the sofa the dread Snowflake Jacket has miraculously been knitted.  I just need to block, sew up and add collar and button bands.  Result!
  • Whilst Button has been sleeping off the bug, I’ve been in the workroom and have one curtain complete except for the heading; the second just needs lining and heading.  Mr Stitch is putting the pole up this weekend.  These curtains will be finished and hung next week.  For sure.
  • Mr S has had a promotion at work.  I’m so proud I could pop.

So whilst you’d think that we’d all be rather down because it’s cold and rainy and Button is poorly and I’m tired, I’m actually really grateful that she has nothing more serious than a bug.

I’m grateful that I have skills to make a home for my family, even if my progress isn’t as quick as I’d like.

I’m grateful that in these troubled times Mr Stitch not only has a job, but its a good job that he enjoys, that challenges him, and that they recognise his skills and abilities.

It’s a lot to be grateful for.