Whilst I don’t often blog about cooking, I do cook a lot in real life.

There’s the day-to-day stuff of roast chickens, chilli, spaghetti carbonara…the stuff I can do with my eyes closed and still Mr S thinks it’s a marvel to come home to a cooked meal.

Then there’s the weekend stuff that either needs a little more time and dexterity, although I tend to eschew these in f(l)avour of slow cooked, rustic, oftentimes French food…daube of beef, venison in red wine, boeuf bourguignon.

This weekend Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat came to stay for just one night, and it was typically wet and windy here.  In my book that’s time for something warm and hearty and comforting.  And if it’s ingredients could give you gout as well, that’s an added bonus. Cue Butternutty Penne Pasta with Sage:

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

It turned out looking like the picture, which is a minor miracle, and tastes divine (according to Mr S and AWIAC). Mr S was also happy to eat the leftovers for supper the following day.

But don’t take my word for it.  It’s still cold today…give it a try.