There has been a lot of talk recently Chez Stitches about the outstanding curtains that need making.  Unfortunately the amount of sewing hasn’t remotely matched the amount of talking.

When I did get round to sewing the curtains for Button’s room (she’s had a blind since she arrived but the curtains hadn’t quite made it to the sewing table) I managed to make a complete and total mess of the pleating.

After much cursing and even more deft handiwork with a seam ripper, they are now finished and hanging, although they still need to be properly “dressed” to set the pleats, but its far to cold to not use them at the moment so that will have to wait.

These are just a simple lined curtain with a hand pleated buckram heading.  No interlining.

The next pair is on the table already.  All cut and ready to sew.  They are the duck egg silk curtains with a beaded edge for our bedroom.  They will be interlined so will take a little time to make as they are completely hand sewn. But I think they’ll be worth it.